Breath Analyzers Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends and Forecast, 2014 - 2022

Published - Jan 2017 | Category - Medical Devices & Consumables | No. of Pages - 100+ | Published By - Infinium Global Research

Report Highlights

Breath analyzers are the medical devices which are used to identify various compounds in the exhaled breath of an individual. These devices are considered as the fundamental tool for the detection of alcohol, drugs, tuberculosis, asthma and other diseases. There basically three types of breath analyzers available in the market, which includes semiconductor oxide breath analyzers, fuel cell breath analyzers, and spectrophotometer breath analyzers. Among these, semiconductor oxide breath analyzers are low cost and low power consumption models, but also known to be less accurate than fuel cell breathalizers. These devices incorporate an ethanol-specific sensor, however sometimes acetones and other metabolites can act as ethanol and give a false reading. Fuel cell breath analyzers are electrochemical fuel cell breathalizers work by using chemicals to oxidise the alcohol in a breath sample, and using that oxidation process to generate an electric current. More alcohol will create a larger electric current. Spectrophotometry recognizes specific molecules by the way they react to infrared light, and are not as prone to false positives as semiconductor breathalizers. These are large an expensive pieces of equipment, and fuel cell breathalizers are considered just as accurate as long as the conditions are controlled. Breath analyzers can be used by personals as well as by professionals to avoid the drunken individuals from entering in the company premises and other social places.
Increasing alcohol consumption, stringent government regulations to minimize the alcohol and drugs abuse, increasing demand from law enforcement agencies along with other institutions like sports, colleges and offices are some of the key driving factors for the growth of this market. In addition, growing demand for easy diagnostics methods various diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, etc. further propelling this market. The market for global breath analyzers is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 28% during the forecast period of 2016 to 2022. However, there are certain restraining factors which could hamper the growth of the market, which includes high cost spectrophotometer breath analyzers, and uncertainty about the accuracy of devices.
Geographically, North America is leading contributor to the market and is expected to retain its position during the forecast period due to the presence of large number of market players and high adoption of advanced technologies in this region. Nonetheless, the market for Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a faster rate owing to growing awareness among the population, and presence of local manufacturers who are offering these devices at lower cost.

Report Highlights:
The report delivers a strategic analysis of the global market for breath analyzers and growth forecast for the period from 2016 - 2022. The scope of the report includes competitive analysis of various market players who are operating in the market, segmental analysis based on type of technology, products and applications, . It also covers geographical analysis of the market with growth forecast for the period of 2016 - 2022. The Porter's Five Forces analysis and value chain analysis included in the report provides an insight into market dynamics and industry competition.
The study also provides information for recent merger and acquisition deals happened in the global breath analyzers market. Moreover, the report also includes growth strategies and entry barriers to be considered to cater to the exact business opportunities in this market. Additionally, to aid in strategic decision making, the report also includes competitive profiling of leading players, recent developments in the industry and various business strategies adopted by them. This report will help players in global breath analyzers market to plan and implement their strategies in different market areas such as emerging geographies, and new technologies

Companies profiled:
The company profile section include detailed analysis of some of the key players such as AK GlobalTech Corp., Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Toshiba Medical Systems, Alcovisor, Quest products, Inc., Lifeloc Technologies, Akers Biosciences, Inc., MPD, Inc., Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp., and EnviteC-Wismar GmbH (A Honeywell Company).


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