Global Handheld Thermal Imaging Equipment Market - By Applications, Industry, Geography, Trends, Forecast - (2017 - 2022)

Published - Jan 2017 | Category - Electronics & Semiconductor | No. of Pages - 144 | Published By - Mordor Intelligence

Report Highlights

It is estimated that over the years 2017-2022 the market for handled thermal imaging equipment is to grow with a CAGR 9.5 % to reach the value USD XX.XX billion by 2022. Unlike the ordinary night vision gadgets, handheld thermal imaging equipment or infrared cameras dont rely on amplification of light and hence can be used where visual camouflage or any other factor that may hinder the vision, say fog or smoke. Though major application of the handheld thermal imaging is with the defence and security sector, it also made its way into academic sector for research related purpose; manufacturing, retail and other sectors mainly for planned preventive maintenance, quality control, energy conservation and environmental control.

Tough the demand from the American and European states defence department has reduced; the demand for Handheld Thermal Imaging Equipment has increased with other states in the world. The demand will be mostly with the developing countries trying to modernise their military and as the growing trend to mould the technology with smartphone increases.

This report examines the overall marketplace for Handheld Thermal Imaging Equipment discussing in detail about the drivers and restraints of the market, and growth prospect of the industry across the industrial segments across the geographies i.e. North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Rest of the World. This report consists of study on major companies that provide Handheld Thermal Imaging Equipment, of which few are enlisted below:

Flir Systems Inc

BAE Systems plc

DRS Technologies


Danaher Corporation

L-3 Communications Holdings Inc.

Thales Group

American Technologies Network

Sofradir Group

Thermoteknix Systems Ltd

Ideal Industries, Inc.

Elbit Systems Ltd

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