Global Metal Packaging Market - Trends & Forecast, 2016-2022

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Report Description
The global metal packaging market is predicted to witness rapid growth over the forecast period. The growth of the metal packaging is attributed to increased consumption of beverages, usage of aerosol cans and growth in consumption of canned/packaged food. Moreover, increasing disposable income among the growing urbanization in Asia Pacific region is creating a lucrative market for metal packaging. However, growing environmental concerns related to steel mining and growing material cost may hinder the growth of the metal packaging market.
The increasing demand from the food and beverages industry has been phenomenal in fueling the overall growth in the packaging industry. Recent advancements in the packaging technology had aided the offerings of the metal cans with improvised functionality and storage features, which have also been a major factor driving the growth in the soft drinks end-use sector. Metal packaging is prominently used in alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. According to beverage can makers, the energy drink category continues to be an important factor for soft drink cans. The European market for energy drinks grew by 6% in 2015, and now almost 2 in every 3 liters of energy drinks are sold in cans.
Developing economies like India, China, and Brazil have changed their purchasing patterns by purchasing more packaged foods. The growing food market enables the global players to introduce new products, expand to new regions, and develop new technologies. The Asia Pacific with developing nations is the utmost attractive market because of its growing inclination towards improvement in the quality of food. The growing demand for canned food and beverages has been increasing in the Asia Pacific region majority due to the everchanging lifestyle and the increase in the purchasing power.
Key Players
Amcor Ltd. (Australia), Ardagh Group (Luxembourg), CPMC Holdings Ltd. (China), Crown Holdings (U.S.), Grief Incorporated (U.S.), Silgan Holdings Inc. (U.S.), Rexam Plc. (U.K.), Toyo Seikan Kaisha Ltd. (Japan), Ball Corporation (U.S.), and Huber Packaging (Germany).
Objective of Global Metal Packaging Market Analysis & Forecast, from 2017 to 2023
• To provide detailed analysis of the market structure along with forecast for the next five to ten years of the various segments and sub-segments included in global offshore wind market with analysis of its development and demand in the market
• To identify high growth regions and countries
• To study regional and country-specific demand and forecast for global offshore wind market
• To cover the key segments of type and region
• To finalize unit breakdown for all different classifications required for forecasting, considering various factors
• To identify forecast demand for all probable segments for all the regions, and to collect the historical figure, data through primary and annual reports to derive the regional and country level market size
• To identify historical trends so as to forecast and estimate the future value data
Target Audience
• Manufactures
• Raw materials suppliers
• Aftermarket suppliers
• Research Institutes & education institute
• Potential investors
• Key executive (CEO and COO) and strategy growth manager

Key Findings
• Global metal packaging market is expected to reach USD 136,137.5 million by 2022
• By Product, Cans segment dominate the global metal packaging market with 45.5% of share in 2015, in terms of value. It is expected to grow at 3.47% CAGR during the forecast period
• Geographically, North America accounted for the largest share of 34.9% in the global metal packaging market in 2015 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.10% during the forecast period
Regional and Country Analysis of global Metal packaging market Estimation and Forecast
Geographically, the global wave and tidal energy market have been divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. North America holds the largest market share in the metal packaging market. The U.S. food & beverage industry is large and extremely complex, consisting of multi-tiered supply chains.
Asia Pacific is one of the largest markets for FMCG in the world. There is an increasing demand for canned food products because of the growing population and rising disposable income in the region.
The reports also cover country-level analysis:
• North America
o U.S.
o Canada
• Europe
o Germany
o U.K.
o France
o Spain
o Italy
o Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific
o China
o India
o Rest of Asia Pacific
• Rest of the World
o Latin America
o Middle East & Africa
o Others


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