Global Salts and Flavored Salts Market - Trends and Forecasts (2017 - 2022)

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Report Highlights

The global salts and  flavored salts market is expected to reach USD XX billion by 2021 from USD XX Billion in 2016, witnessing a CAGR of XX% during the forecasted period.

Global Salts and Flavored Salts Market Dynamics

The salt industry shall remain an ever-popular market with salt being essential for humans. The flavored salts market is influenced directly by the trends in the food industry, particularly the fast food and meat industries. The market is considered a recession-proof market as consumers can use flavored salts for home cooking as well. Globalization and high influence of westernization in the emerging countries are fueling demand for foreign cuisines such as Italian and French food, which calls for specialized flavors and seasonings. There is also a growing opportunity in the market for organic flavored salts made from all natural ingredients.

There is a growing awareness among consumers on the ill effects of excess sodium intake and the harmful effects of fast food. Therefore, the health food trend is the major restraint in the industry.

Global Salts and Flavored Salts Market Segmentation

The market is regionally segmented with Asia-Pacific being the highest manufacturer and consumer. Table salt is the most consumed seasoning in the developing world. It is the most easily available seasoning and a popular way of preserving food in the Asian countries.

North America makes up the largest market for flavored salts followed by Europe due to its high dispensable income and the resulting high fast food consumption. Asia-Pacific is forecasted to grow at the highest rate with increasing urbanization in developing countries like China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The market is further segmented according to product type i.e., table salt, butter salt, garlic salt, onion salt, celery salt, truffle salt, smoked salt, and others. Table salt has the most market share, with its wide range of application in all foods ranging from sweet to savory. Garlic butter is a popular all-purpose flavored salt, used in fast food industry. Butter salt comes in next with its application in the popcorn industry.

Leaders in the Global Salts and Flavored Salts Market

The key market players in the market are Morton, McCormick, Schwartz, Borsari, and Lawry.  


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