Global Wind Turbine Tower Market - Market Analysis by Geography, by Type of Installation, by Tower Type (Tubular Steel, Lattice, Guyed Pole, Concrete), Competitive Landscape, Key Company Information - Growth Trends and Forecasts (2017 - 2022)

Published - Jan 2017 | Category - Energy and Power | No. of Pages - 138 | Published By - Mordor Intelligence

Report Highlights

With increasing demand for clean and renewable energy sources worldwide, the wind energy sector is witnessing immense growth. The market for wind turbine towers, which forms a major part of a wind turbine system both cost wise and size wise, is directly related to the market for wind turbines. The global wind turbine tower market is expected to reach $XX billions by 2022, up from $XX billion in 2013, with a CAGR of XX per cent.

Wind turbine towers can be tubular, lattice structured or guyed pole towers. Concrete towers are also popular. Increasing capacities of modern wind turbines have resulted in larger rotor diameters. This has necessitated higher towers. Turbine towers are made in sections and assembled on site. Taller towers are increasingly becoming popular as wind profiles are stronger at greater heights.

The growing shift towards clean renewable energy is the main driver for the wind energy market, and therefore the turbine tower market. Increasing standards of living around the world is another driver for this market. Government policies on wind energy are different the world over. The European markets are being hit hard from governments withdrawing subsidies and stopping feed-in tariff programs for renewable energy. Emerging markets in Asia, Africa and South America are providing a boost to the industry. The wind power industry is also hoping to benefit from the growing number of offshore wind turbine installations.  

Some of the key players in this market are Trinity Structural Towers, Inc., Valmont Industries, Inc., Ambau, KGW and Broadwind Energy. Major wind turbine generator makers like Vestas, Suzlon and Enercon are also engaged in tower manufacturing.

The report comprehensively analyzes the global wind turbine tower market and identifies key drivers and restraints. A region specific assessment has been carried out and the prospects of the market in each region has been detailed. The extensively researched competition analysis section details the key players who can influence the global and regional markets. The profiles of these key companies include an analysis of their market share, key financial information and an analysis of their current strategic interests.

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