Global Honey Market Research Report - Forecast till 2023

Published - Jul 2018 | Category - Food & Beverages | No. of Pages - 95 | Published By - Market Research Future


The Global Honey Market has been anticipated to grow at an increasing CAGR during the forecast period. Honey is a natural sweetener that is produced by honeybees in liquid form. It is used in many industries that include food and beverages, medicine, artificial sweeteners etc. Its use has many medical benefits. It is suitable for long-term storage due to its unique composition and chemical properties. Carbohydrates, minerals, water and nitrogenous substances are its main components. Due to its natural sweetening properties, it is considered as a replacement for table sugar. It is recommended to different medical patients especially those with diabetes. It has other medical benefits and is used in combination with different medicines for the medical treatment of patients. As honey is a natural sweetener, it is used in various food and beverages industries to add sweetening effects.

Market Drivers

Increasing number of diabetes patients worldwide and different patients are the key drivers for the growth of Global Honey Market. Production of various different food items have led to the growing demand for honey as they are being used in numerous food items as a natural sweetening agent. They act as immunity system builder and also as an energy source and used as a weight loss agent. It is considered as a major replacement for table sugar which has led to the rise in the global demand of Honey Market. However, excessive consumption leading to adverse effects hinder the market growth.