Global Micro-encapsulation Market Research Report - Forecast to 2023

Published - Sep 2018 | Category - Food & Beverages | No. of Pages - 134 | Published By - Market Research Future


Micro-encapsulation is the new techniques for the drug delivery. This technology involves the coating of the tiny particles to give the capsule share. These techniques offer the advantage to enclose all solid, liquid and gas form drug. Continuously development in the pharmaceutical sector has led to the development of a wide array of the dosage form. Micro-encapsulation offers significant advantages over other formulation. These techniques not only improve the stability of the drug but also convert the drug which is unstable in solid state to solid dosage form. This technique is emerged as one of the promising technique in control drug delivery. Polymerization, physical coating methods, polycondensation, and ionotropic gelation are some of the common techniques used in the micro-encapsulation.

Market Dynamics

Continuous development in the pharmaceutical sector, increasing demand for the micro-encapsulation techniques in food industries, and increasing prevalence of various diseases have driven the growth of the market. According to the WHO, in 2016, over 60% of the global population were suffering from some or other acute or chronic diseases. Increasing prevalence of various chronic diseases has increase the demand for the better drug delivery system. Controlled delivery system has offered a huge advantage in the treatment of the disease. Micro-encapsulation not only found its application in the pharmaceuticals but also in other sectors like food industries, and agrochemicals sector. Micro-encapsulation techniques enhance the efficiency of agrochemical, minimize the application cost and various environmental concerns which has help in providing fuel for the growth of the market.

However, high cost of the micro-encapsulation technique may slow the growth of the market. In near future continuous development of the advanced technologies to tap niche markets, and rapidly emerging economies will create huge opportunity in the micro-encapsulation market.


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