Global Military Night Vision Device Market Research Report – Forecast to 2024

Published - Sep 2018 | Category - Aerospace and Defense | No. of Pages - 138 | Published By - Market Research Future


Night vision optical gear is the devices which help in provident the sights are the low or zero light conditions. These devices are majorly used by military and police for the safety purpose. By amplifying the available ambient light the night vision creates complete and clear bright image. Military is one of the most prominent user of the night vision devices. These devices are introduced mid 19th century during world war II. Lenses or mirror, are major component for the devices. A number of companies are trying to enter in the market with their innovative and advanced devices. These devices are evolved greatly since introduction of advanced optical lenses and optical devices.

Market Dynamics

During last few years, there is significant increase in the defense technology, thermal imaging techniques and IR illumination. The global military night vision device market is majorly driven by continuously increasing spending on the military technology, increasing attention toward national defenses and continuous increasing sudden attack. Increasing security concern and continuous development in the technology has supported the growth of the military night vision devices. These devices are of two types which includes active and passive. In active devices are used to illuminates the target with invisible light, whereas, passive are used in detect the targets. Passive devices are majorly used in bomber defense, satellite tracking, missile guidance and many others. A number of companies are present in the market which has led to increase the competition in the market. Increasing competition has also synergized the introduction of the advanced technology to the market which has supported the growth of the market.

However, manufacturing of military night vision devices is too costly. Limited budget of the country, and high cost of the products may slow the growth of the market.


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