Global Pharmaceuticals Excipients Market - Industry Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2025

Published - Mar 2019 | Category - Pharma & Healthcare | No. of Pages - 108 | Published By - Ameco Research

According to Ameco Research, the Global Pharmaceuticals Excipients Market is projected to grow at thriving CAGR of around 6.2% over the forecast period and reach worth around 9.55 Billion US$ in 2018-2025

Pharmaceutical Excipients Excipients are crucial to drug delivery within the body. Generally, an excipient has no medicinal properties.

Its standard purpose is to streamline the manufacture of the drug product and ultimately facilitate physiological absorption of the drug. Excipients might aid in lubricity, flowability, disintegration, taste and may confer some form of antimicrobial function. Selecting the appropriate excipient to support the design of your pharmaceutical formulation is an important step in the drug manufacturing process.

Pharmaceutical excipients are inert substances, other than the pharmacologically active drug, which are included in the manufacturing process or are present in the pharmaceutical product dosage form. Excipients are widely used in drug formulation to provide long-term stability, add bulkiness to solid formulations and facilitate drug absorption. They also enhance the overall safety or functionality of the product during storage or use.

Global Pharmaceuticals Excipients Market Major Manufacturers are covered:
DowDuPont (FMC)
JRS Pharma
Associated British Foods
Anhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical
Shenzhou Yiqiao


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