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Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market is Expected to Reach US$ 45.7 Mn by 2023

Date : Aug 20, 2018

New report published by Global QYResearch which offers insights on the global Feed Grade L-Carnitine market. The Feed Grade L-Carnitine market has been experiencing steady growth graph since past years. It is estimated that global market size of fee grade L-Carnitine will reach to 45.7 million USD in 2023, with the CAGR of 4.32% during the period of 2017 to 2023.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Carnitine is a type of amino acid that benefits energy levels by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be burned up and used as fuel. L-Carnitine has been widely used in the food and pharma industries in the past few years. Continuous researches have been conducted and shown that L-Carnitine also benefit animal greatly, which provide support for L-Carnitine development in animal feed industries.

However, higher price level compared with other feed additives, lack of knowledge on L-Carnitine, small supply in market, etc., such those factors are limiting the development of L-Carnitine in animal industry for the time being.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Key Takeaways

  • L-carnitine plays an obligate role in fatty acid metabolism by directing fatty acids into the mitochondrial oxidative pathway through the action of specialised acyltransferases. In poultry production, L-carnitine has a multi-functional purpose, which includes: growth promotion, strengthening the immune system, antioxidant effects and improving semen quality.
  • Lonza is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of feed grade L-Carnitine. In the last year, pesearch on L-carnitine, as the brand Carniking(Owned by Lonza), demonstrated positive health effects of the amino acid on performance and recovery of working dogs. At the conclusion of the research, Labrador Retrievers that were supplemented with L-carnitine showed improved exercise performance, as well as higher lean mass, improved muscle recovery, and less oxidative stress during strenuous exercise. This finding is promising as the increase in lean mass, recovery and activity can provide better quality of life and function for working animals and house pets, for example. The positive effect will promote demand of L-carnitine in feed industry greatly in the coming few years.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Forecast by Nature

Lonza’s positive research result of L-Carnitine on dogs as well as Japan MAFF’s defining L-Carnitine as a feed additive recently will stimulate the demand of fee grade L-Carnitine further. The market prospect of L-Carnitine is promising.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Forecast by Application

Feed grade L-carnitine is mainly used in the production of dry formulations as well as liquid formulations. Presently, demand from dry formulation feed accounts for the largest market share, which was 73.47% in 2017.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Forecast by Form

According to manufacturing process, L-carnitine can be got from Fermentation Method and Chemical Synthesis Method. For Fermentation Method, it is invented by Lonza and only the company adopts the method for the time being. L-Carnitine manufacturers in China produce the product through the chemical synthesis, using epichlorohydrin as raw materials. Fermentation Method owns more than 60% market share at the moment.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Forecast by Region

North America, Europe, Asia -Pacific, South America and Middle East & Africa are included in this report. Presently, North America, Europe and Asia-pacific are the key consumption region of feed grade L-Carnitine. In 2017, the three regions consumed 794 MT, 592 MT and 433 MT respectively.

Global Feed Grade L-Carnitine Market: Key Players

Lonza, Liaoning Koncepnutra, HuangGang HuaYang Pharmaceutical, Northeast Pharmaceutical, Kaiyuan Hengtai Chemical, Chengda Pharmaceuticals, Xinxiang Kangjian Chemical, Kangxin Chemical are the key vendors included in this report.

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