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Global Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) Market is expected to reach 804 million USD by 2024

Date : Aug 20, 2018

The Global Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) market size was 748 Million USD in 2017 and it will be 804 Million USD in 2024, with a CAGR 1.03% from 2017 to 2024.

In consumption market, USA and China are the mainly consumption regions due to the bigger demand of downstream applications. In 2017, these two regions occupied 60.99% of the global consumption volume in total.

 Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) has two forms, which include PVDC resins and PVDC latex. And each type has different applications relatively with different properties. With advantages of PVDC, the downstream application industries will need more PVDC products.

We tend to believe this industry is a rising industry, and the consumption increasing degree will show a smooth growth curve. And the price presents fluctuation according to the economy development status and international competition. Also, there is fluctuation in gross margin.

Market Segment by Regions, regional analysis covers

·           USA

·           Europe

·           China

·           Japan

Market Segment Applications, can be divided into

·           Food Packaging and Wrap

·           Pharmaceuticals Packaging

·           Unit Packaging for Hygiene and Cosmetic Products

·           Sterilized Medical Packaging

·           Others


Market Segment by Type, covers

·           PVDC Resins

·           PVDC Latex

Global Competitive landscape and key vendors

·           SK (Dow)

·           Kureha

·           Solvay

·           Asahi Kasei

·           Juhua Group

·           Nantong SKT

·           Keguan Polymer

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