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Global Safety Laser Scanners Market Is Expected To Earn US$ 192.96 Mn By 2025

Date : Jan 02, 2019

Ameco Research has published a new report on the global safety laser scanners market, bearing the title “Global Safety Laser Scanners Market Research Report 2018.” Rising at a 3.03% CAGR between 2017 and 2025, the market is foretold to touch a US$ 192.96 Mn by the final forecast year.

In 2017, it was valued at a US$ 151.95 Mn. The report offers deep insights into the market and provides to-the-point guidelines for interested parties to make strong progress in the industry.

Global Safety Laser Scanners Market: Drivers

Advantageous factors associated with the use of safety laser scanners such as high power efficiency, seamless integration, high user-friendliness, and small form are expected to push the demand in the market.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical applications are predicted to vastly increase the growth of the global safety laser scanners market. Safety laser scanners installed in movable service robots and autonomous monitoring vehicles help to avoid collision during logistics operation.

However, the availability of safety mats that offer similar protective solutions and the non-contact functionality could pull back the growth of the global safety laser scanners market. Nonetheless, changing safety and security measures adopted for the use of machinery and increasing incidence of fatalities at worksites are magnifying the need for safety laser scanners.

Global Safety Laser Scanners Market: Forecast by Product and Application

The report classifies the global safety laser scanners market into stationery type and mobile type according to type of product. Among these, mobile type collected a massive market share of 65.25% in 2017. It is widely used across different industry verticals.

By application, the global safety laser scanners market is divided into intralogistics manufacturing, storage and warehousing, industrial vehicles (AGVs), and others.

Global Safety Laser Scanners Market: Forecast by Region

Among different regions and countries included in the report, China, Europe, and the U.S. hold key positions in the global safety laser scanners market in terms of consumption. China secured the largest share of the market in 2017, earning around US$ 8.11 Mn in sales revenue. It was followed by Europe in the same year as the region accounted for a market share of 39.36%. North America is another important region that plays a significant role in the growth of the market.

Global Safety Laser Scanners Market: Competitive Analysis

Omron and SICK are considered to be the largest manufacturers of safety laser scanners. They collected market shares of about 12.73% and 14.06% respectively in 2017. Other leading players operating in the global safety laser scanners market are Pepperl+Fuchsthe, Keyence, and Panasonic. The competition in the market is envisaged to become more intense in the coming years due to the improvement in raw material cost, rise of acquisitions, and product innovation.

Manufacturers are observed to possess their own mature sales network. They are always on their toes to increase their sales through a number of partners and authorized distributors. Every year, they invest on the development of their marketing channel infrastructure in order to achieve better sales.

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