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Global Smart Mattress Market is Expected to Reach US$ 1.2 Bn and growing at a value CAGR of 70% throughout the period of forecast 2017-2025

Date : Nov 20, 2018

New report published by Ameco Research which offers insights on the global Smart Mattress market. The Smart Mattress market has been experiencing steady growth graph since past years. In 2017 the global Smart Mattress market was valued at US$ 42Mn and by the end of the assessment year (2023), it is estimated to touch a value more than US$ 1.2 Bn growing at a value CAGR of 70% throughout the period of forecast.

Global Smart Mattress Market by Type

Smart mattress is a loose term referring to any mattress model with sensor technology designed to monitor the sleep patterns and routines of its owner(s). Today’s smart mattresses can track how long a person sleeps and the duration of their REM cycles, as well as physiological factors like body temperature, heart rate, and breathing. Other functions of a smart mattress may include alarms, adjustable climate control, and internet connectivity. Additionally, some smart airbeds enable owners to adjust the firmness settings of their sleep surface using remote controls.

In today’s market, many smart mattresses utilize app technology that allows owners to adjust controls using their phone, tablet, or other compatible devices. Smart mattresses are somewhat rare, and tend to be much more expensive than the average mattress model. In addition to mattresses, some removable mattress toppers are also equipped with smart technology.

There are three types including <40 inches, 40-60 inches and >60 inches.

Global Smart Mattress Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Smart Mattress, mainly used in the following industries: Residential and Commercial.

Currently, the manufacturing technology of Smart Mattress is getting mature, and the technology barrel is not that high.

The market of Smart Mattress in developing countries is promising; there is still large scale of demand.

New enterprise’s new project will introduce advanced equipment and technical team, which can increase his competitiveness. Downstream demand of Smart Mattress has been in a growth trend. This indicates the great demand space of Smart Mattress in the future.

Forward foreign-related enterprises shift to China, which is conducive to China's technological exchanges and updates.

Global Smart Mattress Market: Forecast by Region

North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific and are the regions that are included in this report. North America is the dominant market in the global Smart Mattress market in terms of value. Europe is the second largest market. Europe market is also expected to expand at a fast rate in terms of revenue over the forecast period due to the steadily increasing demand of Smart Mattress.

Global Smart Mattress Market: Key Players

The main players are Sleep Number, Eight Sleep, ReST, Kingsdown and Other.

The Smart Mattress industry is concentrated. These manufacturers range from large multinational corporations to small privately owned companies compete in this industry.

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