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Global Spray Dryers Market Is Expected A Valuation Of US$ 1,611 Mn By 2025

Date : Jan 02, 2019

Ameco Research has released a new report that digs deep into critical aspects of the global spray dryers market. Titled “Global Spray Dryers Industry Research Report, Growth Trends and Competitive Analysis 2018-2025.”

The report provides useful insights into the competitive landscape to unveil the current and future strategies adopted by leading market players. By the end of the forecast period 2017-2025, the global spray dryers market is anticipated to attain a valuation of US$ 1,611 Mn, increasing from a US$ 1,068 Mn valuation obtained in 2017.

Global Spray Dryers Market: Drivers and Restraints

High demand for functional food and beverages is envisaged to bode well for the global spray dryers market. Spray drying is a preferred technique used to dry thermally-touchy materials such as foods and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, spray dryers are used on a large scale during the processing of functional food and beverages.

However, expensive maintenance and operational costs of spray dryers are projected to put the brakes on the demand in the market. Nonetheless, the application of food encapsulation could create a strong growth opportunity in the global spray dryers market. Compared to heat dryers, spray dryers cause lesser damage on products.

Global Spray Dryers Market: Forecast by Product and Application

On the basis of product, the global spray dryers market sees a classification into centrifuging, stream, and pressure spray dryers.

By application, the global spray dryers market is categorized into chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and others. In comparison with retail sales, cooperation with downstream companies operating in these industry verticals is expected to create a steady rise in the number of product orders and also income.

Global Spray Dryers Market: Forecast by Region

The report has split the global spray dryers market into five regions, i.e. North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Central and South America, and the MEA.

Europe and North America are foreseen to lead the consumption market for spray dryers. Followed by Asia Pacific, Europe earned the largest sales revenue of a US$ 371 Mn in the global spray dryers market in 2017. In the same year, Asia Pacific collected a close to 29.5% share of the market. However, North America is predicted to play a significant role in the market.

In the near future, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and China could witness telling growth in the global spray dryers market.

Global Spray Dryers Market: Competitive Analysis

Improvement in the control of raw material costs, acquisitions, and high product innovation are foretold to make the market competition more intense. SPX and GEA are considered to be the largest manufacturers of spray dryers that accounted for a 5.4% and 15.2% share of the global market.

All of the manufacturers operating in the global spray dryers market have their own mature sales network. They increase their sales through partnership with authorized distributors and retailers besides resells. They also annually invest in marketing channel infrastructure to improve their sales.

The report profiles key players of the global spray dryers market such as Labplant, Yamato, SPX, Buchi, GEA, SSP, and SACMI.

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