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Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market is Expected to Reach US$ 987.3 Mn by 2025

Date : Aug 22, 2018

New report published by Global  QYResearch which offers insights on the global Terahertz Imaging Inspection market. The Terahertz Imaging Inspection market has been experiencing steady growth graph since past years. The global Terahertz Imaging Inspection market is valued at 171.4 Million US$ in 2017 and is expected to reach 987.3 Million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.47% between 2017 and 2025.

Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market: Market Driver and Restraint

The ‘terahertz gap’ – where until recently bright sources of light and sensitive means of detection did not exist – encompasses frequencies invisible to the naked eye in the electromagnetic spectrum, lying between microwave and infrared in the range from 0.3 to 3THz. Terahertz radiation, also known as t-rays, has wavelength of 3-100 cm-1.

Terahertz imaging is an emerging and significant nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technique used for dielectric (nonconducting, i.e., an insulator) materials analysis and quality control in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, security, materials characterization, and aerospace industries. It has proved to be effective in the inspection of layers in paints and coatings, detecting structural defects in ceramic and composite materials and imaging the physical structure of paintings and manuscripts. The use of THz waves for non-destructive evaluation enables inspection of multi-layered structures and can identify abnormalities from foreign material inclusions, disbond and delamination, mechanical impact damage, heat damage, and water or hydraulic fluid ingression. This new method can play a significant role in a number of industries for materials characterization applications where precision thickness mapping (to assure product dimensional tolerances within product and from product-to-product) and density mapping (to assure product quality within product and from product-to-product) are required.

Terahertz imaging, which is already familiar from airport security checkpoints, has a number of other promising applications. Terahertz biomedical imaging has become an area of interest due to its ability to simultaneously acquire both image and spectral information. Terahertz imaging systems are being commercialized, with increasing trials performed in a biomedical setting.

Terahertz Imaging Inspection could used for Homeland Security and Defense, Pharmaceutical & biomedical Industry, and other industry.

Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market: Key Takeaways

  • The field of NDT and molecular spectroscopy applications at terahertz frequencies has grown rapidly over the past decade and is showing signs of establishing itself as a well-recognised measurement technique. Innovative applications of using terahertz radiation in this context are being developed and are starting to be implemented in real-world situations.

  • There remains are a number of potential advantages in the application of terahertz technology to medical imaging. The low photon energy means that the radiation is non-ionising; there is negligible scattering in tissues, the high sensitivity to water content provides contrast between diseased states; time-domain systems can provide quasi 3D information and the broad frequency range the opportunity to investigate a range of diagnostic parameters. Although there are a number of alternative well established clinical imaging techniques and those translating from the research laboratory to the clinic there remains a number of interesting clinical problems where terahertz could be applied and aid clinical decision making, for example, there is a need to improve the surgical removal of cancer by accurately locating tumor margins, especially in the case where conservation of normal tissue is essential, as in breast or brain surgery. Several challenges remain from understanding contrast to the engineering of suitable devices but terahertz technology is still relatively young and although there have been no major commercial breakthroughs in the field of terahertz medical application to date; niche applications will likely evolve.

  • Deployment of THz technology in space has gained considerable heritage through scientific applications that include astronomy and Earth observation. Excellent potential also exists for increased spaceborne commercial exploitation in support of, for example, weather monitoring and future ultra-high frequency telecommunications. Next generation instrumentation must, however, be compliant with small satellite payload platforms and exhibit low mass, minimal volume, and efficient power consumption. Evolution of sensors to higher frequencies with greater sensitivity and improved imaging capability together with enhanced digital signal processing is also necessary. These technical enhancements present considerable challenges and require developments in, for example, detector materials, circuit miniaturisation, advanced machining, lightweight composites, and improved cooling technologies. Addressing these challenges will allow a wider exploitation of the THz domain from space and important advancements are correspondingly being made within relevant organisations world-wide. Spaceborne THz technology will continue to flourish during coming decades providing both scientific and commercial return.

Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market: Forecast by Type

There are two kinds of Terahertz Imaging Inspection, which are Passive Terahertz Imaging and Active Terahertz Imaging. Passive Terahertz Imaging is important in the Terahertz Imaging Inspection, with the largest market share in 2017.

Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market: Forecast by Application

Terahertz Imaging Inspection used in industry including Pharmaceutical & BioMedical, Transportation & Public Security, Industrial and Others. Report data showed that the Terahertz Imaging Inspection market has the largest demand in Transportation & Public Security in 2017.

Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market: Forecast by Region

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key Regions, with Production Value, consumption revenue, market share and growth rate of Terahertz Imaging Inspection in these regions, from 2015 to 2025 (forecast), covering North America, Europe, China, Asia-Pacific (Ex China) and Other Regions.

Global Terahertz Imaging Inspection Market: Key Players

Brainware Terahertz Information Technology Co., Ltd, Advantest Corporation, Luna Innovations Incorporated, Toptica Photonics AG, Terasense Group Inc., TeraView, Daheng New Epoch Technology, Menlo Systems GmbH, Insight Product Co., Asqella, Traycer and Microtech Instrument Inc are the key vendors included in this report.

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