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Global Thermal Paper Market is Expected to Reach 2,680 million USD by 2025

Date : Aug 20, 2018

Thermal paper is a special paper type that is manufactured with specialty coating that aids in inkless printing. On application of heat to the coating, a clear image is formed on the paper with no requirement for ribbons or inks. The coating usually turns black on heating, which, in turn, transfers the image to the paper. Thermal paper is the key component of thermal paper printing, which is considered one of the most economical printing technologies owing to its low energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

The thermal paper is observed to have wide applications. It is used in the everyday activities, both in the offices and in the home. Its uses cannot be overemphasized and also underestimated. Virtually all sectors have relied on this technology owing to its reliability, durability, cost effectiveness and great speed. It is also stable in that it cannot be easily contaminated.

The global Thermal Paper industry has reached the value of approximately 2467 million USD in 2017 and the production volume of approximately 1,159 Kilo Tons in 2017.It is expected to reach 1,565 Kilo Tons by 2025, at a CAGR of 3.83% during the forecast period, 2017 to 2025 and the value of global Thermal Paper industry will reach to 2,680 million at a CAGR of 1.03% during the forecast period, 2017 to 2025, POS application wiil be the largest share about 50% in next few years.

The industry is concentration, the key brand include Oji, Koehler, Appvion, Mitsubishi Paper, Ricoh, Hansol, Jujo Thermal Paper, ChenMing, Jianghe, Guanhao, Jiangsu Wampolet Paper and so on.

At present, in the foreign industrial developed countries the Thermal Paper industry is generally at a more advanced level, the world's large enterprises are mainly concentrated in the Japan, USA, Europe, etc. Meanwhile, foreign companies have more mature equipment, strong R & D capability, the technical level is in a leading position. But foreign companies’ manufacturing cost is relatively high, compared with china’s companies, the manufacturing cost is competitive disadvantage, as the Chinese Thermal Paper production enterprise technology continues to improve, their share in the international market is increasing, competitiveness in the international market gradually increase .

After decades of stable price, thermal paper situation has changed since 2016. Thermal paper price has been increased month by month, sometimes even week by week. The leuco dye chemical is produced by a Chinese company called Connect. It’s said it supplies 35%-40% of thermal dye for global market. Due to environment inspection, Connect are asked to suspend for rectification at least for 3 months.  Without the key chemical, thermal paper manufacturer can’t produce any more. Lack of the chemical, paper producer couldn’t produce and supply enough paper even though the price is quite high. Koehler from Germany, and Oji from Japan are all affected by this issue. They all have to raise their prices. U.S. paper maker Appvion Inc and some of its subsidiaries files for bankruptcy in October, 2017.

Chinese Thermal Paper industry has developed into a national industry with certain research and production capacity, industry product mix has gradually improved, currently China has become international Thermal Paper large consumption country, but the production technology is relatively laggard, currently can only produce some low-end product, although after 2012 the new production lines is increasing, the technology is still relying on import.

With the rapid growth of the national economy as well as the rapid development of downstream industries, Chinese Thermal Paper market demand is increasing, it provide a good opportunity for the development of Thermal Paper market and technology.

The Global Thermal Paper Market Research Report 2018 report released by Global QYResearch provides a basic overview of the Thermal Paper industry, including definition, classification, application and industrial chain structure. Discuss development policies and plans as well as manufacturing processes and cost structures.

The report then focuses on major industry players in Global, including company profiles, product images and specifications, sales, market share, and contact information. More importantly, the Thermal Paper industry development trends and marketing channels were analyzed. Providing the main statistical data on the current status of the industry is a valuable guide and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

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