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Global Thick Film Resistor Market is Expected to exhibit a CAGR of 6.46% between 2017 and 2025

Date : Aug 22, 2018

Thin and thick film resistors are the most common types in the market. They are characterized by a resistive layer on a ceramic base. Although their appearance might be very similar, their properties and manufacturing process are very different. The naming originates from the different layer thicknesses. Thin film has a thickness in the order of 0.1 micrometer or smaller, while thick film is around thousands time thicker. However, the main difference is method the resistive film is applied onto the substrate. Thin film resistors have a metallic film that is vacuum deposited on an insulating substrate. Thick film resistors are produced by firing a special paste onto the substrate. The paste is a mixture of glass and metal oxides. Thin film is more accurate, has a better temperature coefficient and is more stable. It therefore competes with other technologies that feature high precision, such as wire wound or bulk metal foil. On the other hand, thick film is preferred for applications where these high requirements are not critical since prices are much lower. This report studies the Thick Film Resistors market.

According to the report, global revenue for Thick Film Resistors market was valued at $ 1,054.2 million in 2017, and is expected to generate revenue of $ 1,738.9 million by end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of slightly above 6.46 % between 2017 and 2025.

Global Thick Film Resistor Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Since February 2017, many Taiwan and other regions’ manufactures had adjusted the prices of thick film resistors from time to time, leading to a very chaotic market for thick film resistors. The main reasons for the increase in prices are as follows: continuous rise of raw materials and packaging materials, improvement of environmental protection requirements, and continuous increase in labor costs etc. At present, the price of thick film resistors on the market continues to rise, and supply is tight.

Thick film resistors have a wide range of applications and are indispensable parts of the consumer electronics, communications, automotive, industrial, medical, and energy industries. Thus, manufactures are very optimistic about the industry's prospects. Although the recent market price is relatively turbulent, it is believed that manufacturers will soon regulate the stability of the market and make the thick film resistors develop steadily.

Global Thick Film Resistor Market: Forecast by Application

This segment includes Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications, Automotive/Energy, Industrial/Medical and Others. In the applications, the consumer electronics and telecommunications segment were estimated to account for the highest volume share of 67.90 % in 2017.

Global Thick Film Resistor Market: Forecast by Form

This segment includes SMD Type and Through Hole Type.  On the basis of product type, they come usually as chip resistor (SMD), and have the lowest cost compared to through hole technology. The SMD type segment is projected to account for the largest volume share during the forecast period; this segment was estimated to account for 92.32 % market share in 2017.

Global Thick Film Resistor Market: Forecast by Region

In this study, the market for the Thick Film Resistor consumption divided into six geographic regions. This segment includes North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Asia Others. Among all regions, China is estimated to represent the highest share due to a lot of ODM and EMS players there.

Global Thick Film Resistor Market: Key Players

Yageo, Ta-I Technology Co., Ltd, KOA, Vishay, Ralec Electronics Corp., Walsin Technology Corporation, Fenghua Advanced Technology, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Panasonic, Uniroyal Electronics, Rohm Co., Ltd., Tateyama Kagaku Industry Co., Ltd., Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH (EBG) Ever Ohms Technology Co., Ltd., are the key vendors included in this report.

Of the major players of Thick Film Resistors, Yageo maintained its first place in the ranking in 2017. Yageo accounted for 27.23 % of the Global Thick Film Resistors volume market share in 2017, followed by Ta-I Technology Co., Ltd and KOA.

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