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Global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics Market is Expected to Reach 11.6 billion US$ by 2025

Date : Aug 20, 2018

New report published by Global QYResearch which offers insights on the global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics market. The Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics market has been experiencing steady growth graph since past years. During the 2017-2025 timeline, the global market for Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics is expected to reflect a 1.3x increase in the revenue growth. In 2017 the global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics market was valued at US$ 8,600 Mn and by the end of the assessment year (2025), it is estimated to touch a value more than US$ 11,600 Mn growing at a value CAGR of 3.8% throughout the period of forecast.

Global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics Market: Market Driver and Restraint

Applications of Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics are anticipated to create new business segments in the market. Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics is in use for a broad range of Hygiene products such as Medical and health care: surgical gowns, caps, masks; patient bed sheets, pillowcases; bandages, plaster cloths, etc., Household decoration and clothing: clothing lining, dustproof clothing, labor protective clothing, dust mask, artificial leather, shoe bottom leather, vacuum cleaner filter bag, shopping bag, sofa cloth and so on. & others. The companies are focusing on launching products that are launched in few regions. There lies a great opportunity since only a few companies are into this business due to introductory stage of this product market. Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics application is developed towards a more active mode.

Manufacturers are exploring the potential of Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics in Construction. Application of Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics in calendar cloth, canvas are gaining traction in the recent years. Recently, manufacturers have started using Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics in the Wipes area. Further, there are also potential uses in the areas of banknote.

Global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics Market: Forecast by Nature

This segment includes Polypropelene (PP), Polyethelene Terephthalate (PET), etc. In terms of volume, Polypropelene (PP) segment is expected to remain dominant in the global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics market.

Global Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics Market: Key Players

Eastman (US), Kimberly-Clarke (US), Berry Global Group (US), Ahlstrom-Munksjo (Sweden), Freudenberg (Germany), Glatfelter (US), Suominen Corporation (Finland), Johns Manville (US), Fitesa (Brazil), TWE Group (Germany), etc. are the key vendors included in this report.

The market concentration of Wet-laid Non-woven Fabrics is medium. The supply and demand relationship in the industry has been stable and modest. Of the 2017 global market, the top 5 companies, account for more than 41.00% of sales. Eastman (US) Chemical is by far the leader, followed by Kimberly-Clarke (US) and Berry Global Group (US).Key Vendors like Ahlstrom-Munksjo (Sweden) ,Freudenberg (Germany) , and Glatfelter (US), also play important part in regional market, so the market share in each region is quite different.

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