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Mobile Surgical Unit Market to Surpass USD 8 Billion by 2028 | CAGR 10%

Date : Mar 10, 2023

Ameco Research Analyst suggest that the global market for Mobile Surgical Unit will achieve USD 8 Billion by 2028 with a CAGR of more than 10% throughout the predicted years

A unit of a field hospital that can be deployed where needed, has its means of transport and houses the necessary workforce and supplies to perform surgery under field environment is called as a mobile surgical unit (MSU). A mobile surgical unit is usually made up of a mid-to-large-sized van with an operating room and a preparatory area. The objective of these vans is to explore isolated places where the roads may be too narrow or winding, therefore very large vans are rarely employed. The operating room has all of the necessary surgical and aesthetic equipment, as well as a laparoscopic tower. All surgical materials and medications are maintained in compartments integrated into the operating room walls. A scrubbing sink and a cabinet with all of the other medical supplies may be found in the prep area.

Death tolls of people are rising as they do not get emergency treatment. Mobile surgical units can help in such emergency cases and provide treatment to the sick or injured and can save several lives. Emergencies such as natural disasters, road accidents, heart attacks, etc. are the ones where people need urgent medical care. According to the Our World in Data, natural disaster mortality has decreased dramatically during the last century, from millions per year in some years to an average of 60,000 in the last decade.

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Market Dynamics

Immediate high-quality healthcare provision and mobility of health services are the primary factors propelling the growth of the mobile surgical unit market. The deployment of mobile surgery units to present on-site surgery services is rising, thanks to the availability of sophisticated healthcare infrastructure and changing regulatory conditions.

The operation is often simplified in a mobile surgical unit, but this is done without jeopardizing core surgical principles. Medical practitioners in these units are more aware of using only what is needed and learning to do more with less, which is in contrast to the common practice of ordering unnecessary laboratory and image tests, overusing dressings, medications, and tubes, and using an excessive amount of surgical instruments.

Using mobile surgery units in hospital renovation projects for government, commercial, and public institutions has resulted in cost reductions in the millions of dollars for companies in the sector. Customers save capital by using MSUs to substitute operating rooms that are being modernized or that are overcrowded. The MSUs enable government facilities to shun incurring significant costs by outsourcing surgery while maintaining a revenue stream for private and public facilities. The use of an MSU allows for quicker construction and ensures that patients get surgery in a secure environment free of construction toxins.

For a complete medical solution, the surgical unit is equipped with medical equipment and supplies. The companies have created a baseline list of medications and equipment that will allow them to execute at least 2000 general procedures. The mobile surgical units' configuration can be changed to meet local requirements.

Global Mobile Surgical Unit Market Segmentation

The mobile surgical unit market is divided into three categories application, end-use, and regions. The mobile infrastructure sector can be categorized into the ICU mobile operating room modular mobile operating room, and integrated mobile operating room. By type of surgery segment, the market is categorized into general surgery, plastic surgery, endoscopy, emergency care, and others. The general surgery segment acquired a substantial amount of share in 2020. Because of the influence of social media and the desire to seem young, plastic surgery is becoming more popular among both young and old people. The procedure entails the reconstruction, restoration, or alteration of the patient's desired bodily part.

Regional Stance

North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East & Africa (MEA) are the regional categorization of the worldwide mobile surgical unit market. North America recorded a significant share in 2020. Because of the enormous volume of surgeries and the scarcity of well-equipped operating rooms, hospitals are increasingly turning to mobile surgical units to help them provide better patient care. In the United States, almost 1.5 million similar procedures were conducted in 2019. In the meantime, the Asia-Pacific region is likely to achieve the fastest CAGR throughout the forecast period 2021 – 2028. High demand for mobile surgical units from hospitals is a major factor expected to drive the growth of the global mobile surgical unit market. Rapid advancements in medical devices and an increased focus on providing better care to patients on-site are resulting in high demand for mobile surgical units from hospitals.

Major Players

The top players offered in the report include EMS Mobil Sistemler, Kentucky Trailer, Medical Coaches, AMoHS, Odulair, Mobile Healthcare Facilities, Mobile Medical International, GAZI GAZI GRUP AS, and Vanguard Healthcare Solutions.

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